Services face to face

Our services focus on establishing strategies where the results are perceived in the short or medium term under a comprehensive work scheme between the client, workers and suppliers. We offer the following advisory services:

The appropriate planning allows the company to be better directed on a social responsibility initiative. We help you drive sustainable development by managing the business strategies and standards that you can apply. To obtain effective results we offer support in:

  • Identifying the opportunities for improvement
  • Develop the roadmap towards sustainable company
  • Establish effective communication tools with stakeholders
  • Guidance in individual and corporate social responsibility
  • Economic impacts on sustainable projects
  • Sustainability Reports
  • Development of performance measurement

Nowadays the supply chain must have a system that reduces the medium or long term risks that may affect the organization. They must be able to be flexible to adapt efficiently and be responsible with society and the environment.

We help you in develop projects in:

  1. Reverse Logistics: Manage efficiency and keep control of your informations and materials flow from your costumers.
  2. Waste management: generate value through an effective program of zero waste in your organization.
  3. Efficient transportation: Implement strategies to reduce CO2 emissions
  4. Circular economy: increase your competitiveness and profitability, under a circular business model.


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